Year of creation: 1995
Size: 330 acres
Termination date: November 2012

The Riverbend District, now closed, was established in 1997 on 330 acres of land under the “disadvantaged border community” provisions of the Urban Renewal Act to create jobs, address road and traffic control issues and extend infrastructure. The District had a 15 year life and closed in 2012. By all measures, the Riverbend District was a success. It performed at or above projections of the Plan’s goals, the final reimbursement of the total obligation ($3,834,077) was made in August 2012. The District has been offically closed and all future increment will go to the local taxing entities.

Jacklin Land Company of Post Falls, Idaho, was the proponent of the Riverbend District. Infrastructure improvements supported the development of North Idaho College Workforce Training Center and the University of Idaho Research Park, which draws research and technology companies to the area.

The Post Falls URA assisted in the extension of sewer, water and other public utilities to serve this District. The improvements have stimulated the development of a significant number of light manufacturing and service buildings, owned or leased by new employers who have relocated to the City of Post Falls. 

In 2005, Buck Knives relocated its manufacturing plant from California which immediately created 150 jobs. As of January 2011, Buck Knives employed 245. Other businesses that opened in this District include: ALK-Abello, Ednetics, LCF Enterprises, Focus Manufacturing, Berg Development, Tapmatic Corporation, Trigeo Network Securities, AC Data Systems, Burley Products, Scooters America, All Wall Construction, Wilkinson Co., John Deere Landscapes, Swiss Tech and Center Partners

At the close of this District, the assesed value had increased over $56.6 million in 15 years.