Year of creation: 2001
Size: 236 acres
Termination date: November 2021

The Expo District consisted of 236.7 acres and was created in 2001 under the “competitively disadvantaged border community” provisions of the Urban Renewal Act to create jobs, address road and traffic control issues and extend infrastructure. The District had a 20-year life and closed in 2021.

Watson and Associates of Seal Beach, California, was the proponent of the Expo District. Major goals for the Expo Urban Renewal Plan were: To stimulate industrial expansion in this section of Post Falls; enhance this site for industrial and manufacturing development and expansion; improve public infrastructure and public facilities for the benefit of the immediate area; enhance and improve transportation routes for the benefit of area business, tourist and industrial use. 

The Post Falls URA assisted in the extension of public utilities and the construction of public streets and sidewalks for this development. The Agency worked with the proponent to arrange the donation of a 5-acre site for a new fire station (completed and staffed).

Improvements have stimulated the development and construction of Woodbridge, a large residential development of single family homes. Several light industrial buildings have been constructed. Additional plans for the district included light industrial, distribution, retail, office and other commercial facilities.  All public improvements made have been dedicated to the City of Post Falls.

Businesses that opened in this District include: Specialty Construction Systems, Gorton Siding & Remodeling, Triple V Plumbing, Star West Satellite, Woodmill Custom Cabinets, AllWest Testing and Engineering and Love’s Travel Stop.

The District’s final assessed value increased over $85 million.