City Center District     (CLOSED)

The City Center District was created in 1994 as the “4th Street Urban Renewal District”.  The project area was declared a deteriorated or a deteriorating area in which the rehabilitation, conservation and redevelopment of the urban renewal area is necessary in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City of Post Falls.  In 2001, an area beyond 4th Avenue was added with a plan amendment and in 2004 a third amendment was completed to expand the boundaries to encompass a total of 231 acres, amend goals and objectives and rename the District as the “City Center Urban Renewal District”.  The District has a 24 year life and will close in 2018.

The City of Post Falls is the proponent of this district.  This district is the area of the city that has been the most negatively affected by the construction of I-90 in 1977 and has experienced the greatest decline of commerce.  The plan is to work cooperatively with the City to improve and develop a “downtown” area.  The Agency has assisted in the development of a plan for downtown that is incorporated in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  Roadway improvements were made to Fourth Avenue including sidewalks, street lighting and themed street accents.  The Agency provided $750,000 of the $1.3 million cost of these improvements.  The Agency also provided financial assistance to the City for the construction of entrance signage and fountains for the downtown area and assistance to the Old Church Community Center to assist in exterior landscaping and construction of an exterior public area. 

Reconstruction of William and Frederick Streets included widening, paving, swales and sidewalks along with paving the Centennial Trail Parking Lot.  All were completed in 2010.  The Agency also assisted in the purchase and installation of security cameras at the Centennial Trail Parking Lot for public safety.

The development of “The Landing” (former LP sawmill site) is vital to the success of the “City Center” plan.  It is viewed as a catalyst to development and will set the tone for the rest of the downtown area. 

A total of four new medical and manufacturing employers have leased or built newly constructed office and commercial space in this District.  Major employers include the City of Post Falls, Body by Scotty, Line-X, Sweetwater Bakery, Overhead Door Company and St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

As of 3/01/2018 the District’s assessed value has increased over $40.3 million.

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