West Seltice II District

The West Seltice II District consisting of 248 acres was created in 2005 to address blight, extend public infrastructure and address traffic improvements.  The District, which is adjacent to the Orgill, Inc. Distribution Center (formerly Kimball Office)  has a 15 year life and will close in 2020.

Greenstone Corporation of Liberty Lake, WA is the proponent of this district.  A mixed-use “urban village” is under consideration, where residents can live, work, play and shop within the same area.  The development will provide a wide variety of housing alternatives, ranging from mixed-use housing with retail on the first floor and residential units on the second floor to workforce rental housing.  Commercial development will include office and neighborhood retail.  The developer has agreed to donate land for a new City park.  Approximately one third of the District will be developed as light industrial and distribution providing additional jobs for the community.

The area is being developed as Montrose Community and the Treaty Rock Corporate development.  The original goals of creating new jobs, commercial, light industrial and mixed uses with a focus on open spaces with trees and planting have not changed.  Together with F.O. Berg they have developed a plan jointly for installing the necessary infrastructure.  Phase I improvements were completed in late 2007.  Phase II levels of completion were delineated and shown as to what designation the lots are, including light industrial, residential and commercial.  Although the commercial development is behind earlier expectations due to the economy, the residential activity on the project has increased.

In 2015 ATC Manufacturing, a thermoplastic composites company relocated from Spokane, Washington to a 67,000 sq.ft facility on N. Lean Street.  As of July 2019, the employee count is 165, which has more than doubled since moving to Post Falls.

As of 3/12/2020 the District’s assessed value has increased over $33.2 million.

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